Therapy in Redecorating

For the first time in years, I’ve lived in the same place for more than twelve months. And everyone knows the first year of living in a new place is just for settling in and for layout/decorating, that’s especially true.

And I hated the way I had my room set up the entire time.

There was no space. I felt cluttered, disorganized, and nothing here felt like me.

But recently I had a chance to really make it my home. New furniture, new arrangement, and actually decorating things the way I like them.

It’s crazy how something so small can A) take so long to figure out and B) make such a massive difference.

I have a place to be comfy and have privacy. My own little escape. And as obvious as it sounds, it’s important.

More than anything, it makes me feel like I have space to be in control. A place where I can directly affect my surroundings.

Anyway, not much to talk about today but with Spooky Season right around the corner I have a few things I can’t wait to talk about 😉 .

Until next time x

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