That One Fucker

We all have that one person that annoys us so much that just being around them is a pain in the ass. Or if you’re as unlucky as me, more than one.

The co-worker(s) that make you dread work.

A family member who oversteps your boundaries.

The neighborhood asshole that you can’t always avoid.

It’s just a goddamn nightmare.

If you’re anything like me then you try to grin and bear it because getting worked up is what they want. Or maybe you try to talk things out, make them understand how their dick-ishness makes you feel. I’ve personally tried to make people change because their words and actions make me uncomfortable or flatout pissed.

What makes this most difficult for me is the fact that I genuinely don’t understand what’s so difficult about being a decent human being. Not nice, not good. Just not a jerk.

Holy shit! What a concept, right?

But because of this, I also try harder than I should to educate people. Other people being insensitive cunts isn’t my responsibility and trying to get them to reform even less so.

So when the first two tactics fail, I default to aggressive straight-forwardness.

But what exactly does that mean? Allow me to give some examples.

Context: I’m finishing up a task at work and was about to put away my supplies when my co-worker moved them to a shelf high above my reach.

Me: “So you’re gonna put that away, right?”

Co-worker: “Why?”

Me: “Well you moved them once, so you can move them again.”

Co-worker: “… Okay.”

Context: I’m having lunch with my family and I’m talking to my brother about a show I like when my mom’s husband starts pointing out minor logical flaws and overall bashing on it.

Him: I don’t understand why you like it, it doesn’t even make sense.

Me: It’s fantasy, it doesn’t need to make sense for me to like it.

Most people who know me, know I don’t put up with bullshit. I don’t have the patience for it. And those who don’t know learn quickly.

I am a very tired person but it’s hard to get on my bad side. However, when someone is consistently a piece of shit then my ability to tolerate even the most ridiculous of behavior quickly runs out. And I let them know because I feel like people should know that their actions have consequences.

Newsflash! You don’t exist in a vacuum! If you continue to push your existence on other people then you should be prepared to deal with those same people calling you on your bull.


That’s all. Just a vent post about people who can’t see past their own ego.

Until next time x

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