A Spoiler Free Review of “Captain Marvel”

I have this opinion that while anyone can watch and enjoy a movie/show/book/etc., that story isn’t necessarily made for everyone.

Example: Black Panther, an awesome film. The story, music, filmography, and overall cinematic elements add up to a great experience. But the representation of a culture that isn’t eurocentric makes it even more amazing and important to black people. Being POC helps me understand that.

Back to the main topic. Personally, I really enjoyed Captain Marvel. The story carries a great message and it made me feel powerful. Brie Larson did an outstanding job of fulfilling this role and I now have a new obsession of wanting to learn everything I can about Captain Marvel from the comics. And I definitely think she’s an important hero for people of all ages but especially for women and girls everywhere.

Whatever you do, don’t stay down. And don’t let anyone tell you that your emotions will hold you back. Your emotions are powerful and they can change the world.

I’d also like to clarify that I wasn’t paid to write this and all opinions belong to me.

Having said that, go watch Captain Marvel.

Until next time x

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