Fourth of July

Fireworks flare, snap, crackle, and

Bang goes the gun aimed at the unarmed black man

Children cheer for the parade of floats and ponies and

Protest in our streets as politicians meant to serve do nothing

The streets are alive with the human hive

Who turn a blind eye as another person dies simply for being transgender

People scream as a water balloon hits them in the back

As Flint suffers without water to drink

The scent of barbecues mingle in the air

And smoke floods the lungs of refugees lucky enough to still be alive

Children laugh as they play

Before being torn from their parents and treated like criminals

A woman giggles at the attractive man who continues to flirt with her

Not noticing the pill he drops in her drink

In this country of red, white, and blue, freedom is not free to take

We shed blue for the fallen, those taken too soon, those who deserve to still be here

We stand against the white power that has oppressed so many for too long

We feel red in our hearts and souls, a righteous fury that will change it all

You see our red, white, and blue is not the same yours

My red, white, and blue is a battlefield for the freedom you take for granted

My red, white, and blue is

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