I got a dog! Which you might already know if you follow me on Instagram, @Miss_Misfit.97. There’s a cheeky little link for you if you haven’t yet 😉

But anyway, my dog.

His name is Canelo (Nelo for short) and he’s a Siberian husky (possibly a mix) with a red and white coat that gets EVERYWHERE. He’s two years and ten months old, so he’s a Leo. Just like me. He also has a slightly lazy eye and sometimes I catch him looking a little cross-eyed. My family calls him Duling (doo – ling) which literally means “cross-eyed” in Tagalog (tuh – gä – lug), a dialect in the Philippines. And overall, he’s a good boy.

But I’ve definitely learned a few things.

I may or may not have mentioned it before, but I used to have a dog when I was fifteen. But he was a teeny-tiny chihuahua mix named Koda that (for the most part) was super low-maintenance. A little yappy, a little hyper, but overall easy to care for.

Caring for Nelo? Talk about a step up. Here are just a few things that have stood out over the past month.

1) Separation Anxiety

He was at a shelter and was a “frequent flier” because of his habit of running away from his humans. From what the shelter told us, he was usually left alone during the day because his old families had work/school/etc.

This breaks my heart because I know just how sweet and loving he is. A quirk that I’ve noticed is that whenever he sleeps, it’s always next to a door. Even if I’m just in the bathroom, I’ll open the door to see him splayed out in front of the door. It made me wonder if he does that so no one can sneak out and abandon him. That said, I know that human life can get busy and, granted, I don’t know the full story of his previous families. But if you’re gonna get a dog, make sure you’re able to spend the time to really bond with them.


On a lighter note, Nelo sheds. A lot. All day, every day. And of course he does, he’s A HUSKY and summer is here in SoCal. Luckily we live somewhere that’s somewhat cooler and I have no problem bringing him out early enough to beat the death rays from above (mostly). We recently spent a decent chunk of time to brush out his fur and there was enough hair to make coats for ten more dogs. He makes up for all the hair I used to shed before chopping it all off.

3) Early Riser

Like I said, I get up a little earlier to make sure I can give him a long walk before it gets too hot. But that doesn’t mean I like it. I’m a night owl, even as I’m writing this it’s just past midnight. Morning me probably won’t be very happy with present me. But it’s for him, so that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make. Especially if I can avoid having him wake me with a wet nose in my ear.

4) When you gotta go…

Everybody poops. If you don’t then that’s something you should talk to your doctor about. But Nelo… He takes pretty big dumps, not gonna lie. But more often than not, they’re easily picked up by one (maybe two) bags. But just last week, his stomach was NOT happy.

He woke me up by running around, whinning, jumping on my bed, and howling. I–being incredibly tired and lazy that morning–decided to make him wait. Big mistake.

I have a sensitive sense of smell, not as sensitive as Nelo’s, but enough that an odd and unpleasant aroma began to tickle my nose.

No… You might be saying to yourself. How I wish that was true. That’s right, my dog took a massive shit on my floor because my lazy ass didn’t want to wake up.

Lesson learned? Listen to your dog when he obviously needs to go out. My room has finally stopped stinking after three days of scrubbing and airing out.

5) Overly-friendy

Nelo doesn’t have a good grasp on personal space. Neither did Koda and honestly, every dog I’ve ever met has always loved being in my face. But whenever a stranger stops to pet him, Nelo decides to put his face between their legs and just stay there.

He loves saying hi to absolutely everyone. Which is mostly a good thing because he loves being social but sometimes he doesn’t realize how big he is and smaller creatures like children are intimidated by nearly 80 lbs of fluff and muscle. Though that doesn’t stop kids from giggling about his drooly tongue or 4 month old puppies from barking like they could take him in a fight (that literally happened two days ago).

Honestly, I don’t think I could’ve asked for a better canine companion. He fits right into my life and I love him more than I ever could’ve imagined (and I’ve wanted a dog for a LONG time). And I could go on and on about him but I’ll wait to do that in another post. These are just the things that stick out to me from the month he’s been in my life.

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Until next time x

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9 thoughts on “Nelo

          1. We’ve found ways to deal with it: toys that keep her busy, such as Kongs, have really helped. Now she’s 4 years old and getting a bit more mature so she doesn’t misbehave as much as she used to.

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              1. I highly recommend getting your pup a crate. It really helped our BC overcome most of her anxiety. The fact that she was able to have her own cosy space helped her relax. We’ve never closed it. She still sleeps in it now.


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