She used to hate her name. It felt like an over-sized coat, baggy and full of the expectations people placed on her. It weighed her down, making her feel like she would never be the person she wanted to be.

She wasn’t sure when that all changed. She couldn’t pluck out the moment in her life when she realized how skewed her sight was. But suddenly, it was as though she’d finally grown into it. No longer suffocating her with outsider opinions, she turned it into something that was uniquely her.

She came to realize that names were important. They hold a weight that can make your heart pound and cheeks flush. We hear them and feel the warmth of home and comfort. Or see them and taste the bile of bitter memories.

She saw how names have shaped her, changed her life.

She would always remember the name of her lover, long gone, and swear to never name a child after them.

The names of her siblings, bringing with them the pride of having such people in her life.

And the names of people she chased, a reminder that where there is heartache there is room to grow.

She holds her name close to her heart, no longer ashamed of it but fiercely proud. Finally unafraid of saying, “I am _.”

Hello again!

I hope you enjoyed this little story. It definitely comes from personal experiences. I used to hate my name. I thought it was too “big” for me. But over time, I saw that my name is what sets me apart and I learned to shape who I am what my name means to me.

Names are so important and they can show us what we hold dear. Or even what we’d like to forget.

But that’s all for tonight! I’m proud of myself for keeping my schedule up for this week and I’m going to keep trying to hold myself to it. I hope you had a wonderful week and if you didn’t, take some time for yourself and breathe; it’ll get better.

Until next time x

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