I’m neither fully good nor entirely evil

I am

As much as I truly hate to admit it 


I am envious of what other people have

And ashamed of what I lack

I am angry 

I have been used by others and have used others in return

But that doesn’t make it right or okay 

I lack the ability to have compassion and empathy with those in pain

I stand by because I want other people to understand the pain and sorrow and fear that I myself feel 
I show disdain towards weakness because it reminds me of myself

But I also love beauty

I create things in hopes of inspiring others 

As others have inspired me

I share with the idea that someone else understands

That I’m not alone

And I enjoy sharing in others’ victories and joys

I revel in this funny thing called life and how it manages to catch every one of us off guard

And I don’t wish any more pain upon the world than there already is

But I stand in solidarity with those who have felt loss 

As I have

And those who have been lost

As I have

I am not a perfect person

I am riddled with mistakes and faults

I am unbalanced and flawed

But I am human

And that gives me the ability be more

I can be beautiful in my own uniquely flawed way

And that’s okay 


Hello World,

It’s been far, far too long since I’ve posted simply for the sake of posting.

If you read my last piece, then first of all, thank you. That was actually for my final project in my Journalism class and I decided to share it on here. If you haven’t, feel free to check it out here. It’s a fairly short story but I do hope people find meaning in it. 

But until next time 


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