Natural Disaster

I am a natural disaster trapped in a person

A hurricane rages in my eyes as a whirlwind tears my mind apart

I lash the air with fire from the tip of my tongue

And send shock waves through the ground with every step

You can’t predict when I’ll go off

Or pinpoint the trigger

But everyone runs at the mention of me

The hint of a downpour sends people scurrying for cover

And so I reign in the forces of nature

To spare unwanted casualties

I let them devour me from the inside out

Shaken to my core

Struck time and time again

For whoever said lightning doesn’t strike twice

Has never lived in this whirlwind mind of mine

Has never had a blizzard rampaging in their heart

Too cold to feel a thing

Even as wild fire eyes pierce the ice

Trying to thaw and feel again

So I’m warning you now

Watch for the red flags

Listen for the alarms

And run

Run like your life depends on it

Because it does

And I can’t guarantee that you won’t be swept up in this disaster of a girl

~Quill x

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