Mechanical Girl

This spirit, this ghost, this specter

The girl in the machine

Trapped in her metal body

Whirring with cogs and gears

Held together with rusted bolts

Straining under the pressure

A sign on her chest read

“Warning: Must Stay Contained”

In her metal body

Programmed to move like so

Speak just so

Be who they say so

Fixed to feel broken


Designed to see only missing pieces

This mechanical girl

Fixed to feel nothing

But a glitch in the system allows her to see the truth

Breaking down her metal boundaries

Bursting the bolts meant to keep her down

The mechanical girl refuses to be so anymore

Will not be limited by the confines of metal

By the conditioning of others

So let her circuits short and spark at the kiss of water

Let her tears erode the corrugating metal

Her eyes

No longer dull

Shining with life

The ghost in the machine

Is a specter no longer

She, this spirit of light

Freed, human

Far more fragile perhaps

But with greater power by far

In breath and nerve and bounding heart

~ Quill

Mechanical Girl
Steampunk style art

Hello World!

If you read my posts often, then you’ll see that I revamped a bit of my blog design. I also did something else new: I included a picture to go with my poetry. Something that you probably don’t know (yet), I absolutely love to draw. Sometimes on paper but-more often than not-on my own skin. This is something I drew yesterday, inspired by many different pictures of steampunk art. This is original so please PLEASE, if you see this picture and someone claiming it as their own, let me know. You can contact me via email, Tumblr, Twitter, commenting on a post, and now Instagram. But please don’t spam me.

And yes, the person in the picture is me.

Thank you!

Until next time,

Quill x


Tumblr: xxfrom-pen-to-paperxx

Twitter: @quill_ptp

Instagram: cali_quill



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